Movin Boat Case Study

How we were able to deliver 15.5 ROAS at Scale!

Movin Boat is a floating cinema experience event in Sydney Darling Harbour, they packaged together a great selections of new and classic movies with an large 1000sqm floating pontoon with day beds and rows boats in place of tradition movie theatre seating as well as great food and wine, this made for a one of a kind experience. Their main audience was a younger demographic who wanted to enjoy a special night out.

Key Results:

Growth Tools:

The Problem

Movin Boat is a new event from the team at BBR-Agency which is an experimental event agency, they have run a number of events previously from drive in cinema experiences to food and wine festivals, Facebook is an important vehicle to drive extra sales for these events, especially to top up hard to fill movie sittings but the team is also very active with tradition PR to promote the events. Previously the paid Facebook advertising was managed by a in house employee, the owner wanted to reach out and bring in specialized help increase sales for this event.

The Strategy

Realities of running an event

This poses challenges, we are required to fill certain movies sittings on a set time and place, if the movies are not filled then the business does not make money, because of this reality detailed planning and monitoring must take place to ensure movies tickets are sold in the run up to the event. We monitored sales for specific movies and flagged movies which needed campaigns to meet the capacity KPI, promotions were developed to help the KPIs be met when required.

Developing winning creatives

Initially as this was an event the only creatives which were available where 3d mock-ups, once the event started to take place photographers where able to provide images to be tested, from these tests we were able to figure out the winning formula for creative and then double down on it by producing many variations of the winning formula. This providing a steady stream of high-quality creatives to be utilized in our campaigns.

Scaling spend to fill sittings

As the event naturally has peaks and troughs of organic interest from promotions, more liked movie sittings, holidays etc it was important to fill in these gaps with paid traffic to ensure the sittings were sold. This required ad spend to scale accordingly up to over $1000 per day in the slower periods, building a solid foundation of creative, copy allowed this be done profitably.

The event was a success and extended run of movies was put in place to meet demand.

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