Kensui Fitness Case Study

How we scaled Kensui Fitness to 7 Figures in a year!

Kensui Fitness among other things developed a unique weight-vest which solved several problems faced by traditionary weight-vests, it’s a great product and has been continued to be developed further after its initial production, its audience is mainly people who train with bodyweight exercises.

Key Results:

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The Problem

Kensui Fitness began development of its unique weight-vest in 2019, once production process had been completed the owner was confident, he had developed a winning product but did not have the skills to effectively market his product online, realizing getting experienced help to solve these problems was the smart move the owner reach out for a strategy call.

The Strategy

Developing winning creatives

Its important with content creation that there is diversified stream of creatives being produced, relying on one source/style will lead to having all your eggs in one basket and when it stops working so do you sales. In this case we developed a strategy that saw the owner, us, influencers, and customers all producing content which we then refined and tested. We found UGC performed the best in our campaigns.

Long copy performs the best

We tested several variations of the landing page we were sending traffic to, we found in our testing that a long form copy version performed the best. This allowed all the benefits to the customer to explained clearly and all their objections dealt with, which increased the conversion rate, adding testimonials from influencers also increased the conversion rate.

Scaling and expanding worldwide

Logistics initially was holding back the scaling of this business as with COVID-19 air freight was expensive and shipping times increased greatly, managing customers during this time was difficult but generally they were understanding. Distributing the product to logistics centres allowed shipping to be provided within reasonable timeline worldwide. With this in line on Facebook we expanded our campaigns initially to English speaking countries and then western Europe, from here specific campaign were develop for Asia with professionally translated ad copy.

Building a community

Purchasing the product allowed entry to a VIP community group on Facebook where tips and tricks were shared by the customers and the owner, this was also a great area to speak to your customers to arrange reviews, testimonials for the brand as well as ask for feedback on the weight vest and to develop other products.

We were able to see over a $1,000,000 in sales for the product with over $774,577 attributed to Facebook and an overall ROI of 500% +

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