How we grew from 0 to $40,155 in Revenue in 2 months

The Fish Wives is a premium food retailer with a storefront and online store, they specialize in providing clean, green & sustainably grown products from the best producers worldwide. Their main audience is food lovers who care about what they eat and want the best ingredients.

Key Results:

Growth Tools:

The Problem

Fishwives was founded in 1990s and has built a successful business with the majority of their sales coming from in-store transaction. As Covid developed sales shifted online and the owner reached out as they saw the opportunity in reaching new customers on Facebook and did not have the experience or the time to set up a Facebook campaign.

The Strategy

Keeping ads in line of content & brand messaging

It was important to maintain consistent messaging with the social content, paid advertisement and website, this meant highlighting the quality of the products and their proven sustainable & clean producers.

Increased creative testing volume & winner identification

As a content bank was provided which had been used in the social content posting this was a great place to measure engagement for creatives & products along with the actual sales in the backend of the store, this allowed winning products and then creatives to be chosen accurately which speed up the amount of time testing took and allowed sales to be achieved rather quickly.

Developing audiences and pixel data from scratch

A common problem when starting on a fresh account is the lack of data from which the pixel can learn from and build audiences from, this was no exception and in this case its about point the pixel in the right direction, starting with specific interest targeting and allowing the data to develop as conversions happen. As the data develops, we create lookalike audiences as well as broad targeting campaigns.

Increased creative testing volume & angle diversification

Its good practice to maintain a consistent amount of testing in an ad account even if everything is functioning well, testing of creatives, copy, products, audiences & account structure were all conducted to ensure performance was maintained across the account.

Full segmented funnel system

Starting from where the customers is at its important that the messaging across the different stages of the funnel matches their levels of engagement. Setting up a segmented system of campaigns allows the messaging and engagement level to remain consistent, this allows angles to be tested to further optimize results. It was identified that specifically targeting users who had purchased before was a great way to increase customer lifetime value.

We’re now continuing our testing and account management to ensure results continue into the future.

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