Cooked Aussies Case Study

We scaled Cooked Aussies revenue by 15x in 30 days!

Cooked Aussies is a drinking game with cards for Australians, its Australian themed and has many Australia memes and cultural reference throughout the game, it is a fun game to play with your mates when drinking. Its main audience is younger Australians who like to drink and enjoy themselves.

Key Results:

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The Problem

Cooked Aussies was founded in 2019 and had seen great sales both from an organic strategy and paid advertisements however Facebook ads had become unprofitable and their attempts at developing creatives & campaigns to regain profitability were unsuccessful, seeing that they had a winning product and needed some help in order to marketing it effectively the owner reached out for solutions to solve these problems.

The Strategy

Developing winning creatives from assets on hand.

As content takes time to develop the focus was initially on what assets were available for production, we identified some content had been submitted by users and some media items which had been utilized before but that could be utilized. Before the creative strategy was lacking testing and optimization, one ad would be produced and ran live, it either worked or didn’t work. Our strategy was to make several different iterations of ads and test for the winner which then would be rolled out into the main campaigns, this allowed for scalable results quite fast.

Developing UGC funnel

Creatives is large part of the success of any marketing strategy, for this product we identified that we needed a steady supply of creatives to maintain performance of the campaigns, we developed a giveaway campaign for users to submit footage from them playing the game with their friends, we used this content to create further winning video creatives. This content worked very well so we will be using this funnel again to ensure we are replenishing creatives for the ad campaign.

Increasing AOV

Increasing AOV is a great way to combat Facebooks rising advertising costs especially with a lower ticket item. We utilized two strategies, making it easy for customers to buy more products by bundling them together and offering a discount to incentivise them to spend more and free shipping bracketing which again encouraged the customer to spend more to receive free shipping.

Scaling ad spend

Its important to get everything in order before starting to scale an ad account, making sure the offer, creatives, website are aligned and ironed out allows results to be delivered at scale. From here utilizing Facebook best practices we were able to steadily increase spend and ensure performance remained stable while doing so.

In the first month of our service, we increased sales from $2,227 the previous month to $33,555 after 30 days with a ROI of 533%, the following month revenue increased further to $42,405.

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