Chicken Caravan Case Study

How we built a qualified email list and Generated $62,897 in sales in 3 months!

Chicken Caravan is a farming equipment manufacturer with its products develop to help people farm chicken sustainably and positively impact on the land used. They are built in line with permaculture land management philosophy. Their main audience is hobby farmers and commercial farmers alike.

Key Results:

Growth Tools:

The Challenge

The owners of chicken caravan approached me to develop a sales funnel to assist in selling a high ticket enthusiast chicken farming item, they had a website and some existing sales and had previously attempted to market their product on Facebook with limited success. They are an established business with a unique product, they have mostly been focusing on B2B Sales, however they have developed this product to focus on B2C.

The owners provided a full stack of video and image creatives

The Strategy

Giveaway campaigns

Because of the high-ticket price of this item we decided the best course of action was to allow for the longer buy cycle of the product was to run a giveaway campaign as break even funnel with upsells in order attain the customer email address then the product could be marketed via email.

Utilizing Viral Sweep

We execute the giveaway campaign with viral sweep which is a shopify app which allows for the creation of a landing page/widget for the giveaway and among other things you can run purchase competitions to encourage users to spend money instore and receive entries into the giveaway.

We were able to collect over 6000 emails at a profit just from the eBook upsells, overall, with the campaign we were able to generate $62,897 in sales with a ROI over 1500%

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